15 Easy to set up High Chair Activities for Babies

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In an ideal world your sitting, crawling or just walking baby or toddler can move around freely, exploring the house with you in tow!

In reality there are times that you really need your baby to be contained.

Contained AND Entertained!!

I found that babies high chair is the perfect spot to spend a few minutes – because I can move it to where I am, and baby can safely play at my height!

My Perfect High Chair Moments;

  • While I am cooking dinner / starting dinner
  • When I am sitting at the table – working……. or making a halloween costume…
  • Creating a little calm play or play that requires a little concentration and focus
  • When siblings are trying to paint or craft and “me too” wants to stick their fingers in everything! Keeping them in the high chair next to you, with their own activity to do – is inclusive – yet you are able to give a little time to their older sister! (or brother)
  • Restaurant outings also need some ‘in chair’ entertainment and some of these activities below will pack nicely into your bag!


We have a tray table for our chair – which means that we can take it into the garden in summer and sit outside too!

In winter we are inside and for bigger activities I remove the high chair table and pushed the chair up against the dining table! This actually creates more space as tray tables are often very small!

Here are some wonderful high chair activities for you!

Great painting idea with an edible, taste safe, easy to make paint recipe for babies!

Homemade Kinetic sand that is completely taste safe. We played with this on the floor, at the table, in our high chair, outdoors in summer! Fantastic stuff!!

These make the perfect little holders for things that will keep little one busy!

Awesome activity that will keep an older baby occupied for a long time, babies can’t seem to get enough of posting! This will easily fit onto the table in front of you!

If you don’t have a high chair with a big lipped tray table you could always put a shallow tray on a table in front of the chair!

This is not only a fantastic idea that will entertain while you start dinner, but together you can make a special masterpiece!

This is a great activity for your older baby – who is NOT inclined to put things into their mouth!

This would fit perfectly onto any high chair tray table!

This is the perfect activity when baby is welcome to eat as much jelly as they can handle – so most likely for a slightly older baby – and not just before dinner!

Another great water idea – all high chair based!

These little instruments would be the perfect size to add to a small basket on the table – perfect dinner cooking soundtrack!

Perfect entertainment to set up and keep for anytime you need a quick solution!

If your baby is not inclined to shove play dough into their mouth this is something that can be brought out the fridge on the spot and baby can ‘cook’ with you! It’s completely taste safe – be it a big salty!

Again this activity asks that baby is eating – so slightly older. We did this with a spoon and that makes great practice for any 10 month old! Fingers work great too!!

This is a great alternative for a squishy bag – interesting cold texture without the choking hazard!


Need a moment to yourself? Here are 20 ideas to keep your baby entertained while they sit in their high chair next to you

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