4 of the best Autumn – Fall Play Dough Recipes

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We love play dough! That’s clear from the number of play dough recipes we have here!!

See our giant list below for some of our favorites!!

Autumn air comes scented with spice – and you know that Christmas is around the corner!

Here are 4 of our most loved fall scented play dough recipes.

4 Autumn Play Dough Recipes - easy to make!

I’m often asked why I sometimes add scent to play dough, and does it actually work?

Yes is works and I add it because it gives another dimension to play…

Sometimes I use actual spice to add scent – like I did with our Apple Pie Play Dough.

Other times I use essential oils.

Both work so well! You need a lot more actual spice than oil as the oils are usually so concentrated!

Apple Pie Play Dough

Our Apple Pie Play dough is a good example of using actual spices!

It contains no wheat flour or salt!

Smooth and Silky Apple Pie Play Dough Recipe


Orange Scented Play Dough

This Orange scented Play Dough will last for months!

It needs a little two minute cook – but is totally worth it!


LASTS FOR MONTHS - this Orange Scented Play Dough is so easy to make and is such a fun interesting sensory play activity for Children!

No cook Clove Scented Play Dough

No cook clove scented Autumn Play dough – wow oh wow, this smells awesome!!

Easy and quick to make, this recipe is really autumn!!!

I added actual cloves to play with – and together this made a wonderful sensory activity!

Clove Scented Autumn Play Dough - No cook - so easy to make, great fall kids activity.

No Tartar Cinnamon Scented Play Dough

This recipe smells lovely and needs no cream of tartar!

It lasts for ages and is smooth and soft!

Easy to make - this NO cream of tartar included - Cinnamon Scented Play Dough will be a real winner! People actually want to eat it!

For more Autumn Play Dough recipes we have a big collection in this post – 20 Autumn recipes to make at home

This is the recipe for the best play dough ever!

Add glitter to this shining dough – Glitter Dough is every sparkly dream come true!!

Play Dough made with Kool Aid – here you go – Strawberry and Lime!

Oranges and Lemons – smooth as silk – no cook dough

Here are some Christmas inspired dough recipes: Chocolate & Cherry, Snow Dough, Peppermint Play Dough

Happy Play ‘Dough…ing’!!!

4 of the Best Autumn Play Dough Recipes Around! Easy to make with lots of variation! The perfect kids sensory play activity






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