50+ Story and Craft Ideas for Children

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50+ Book + Craft Ideas for Children

Story and Craft! Yes please!!

Bringing together two activities we love!!

Reading books and making a craft or getting involved in an art project that is linked to a story is such a wonderful way to engage with children! Crafts bring the book or story alive, and the story adds meaning to the Art!


We recently teamed up with some fantastic bloggers during our Read It Make It Book + Craft week.

Here are more than 50 ideas that bring books and stories and crafts together!

Read it then Make it - Book plus craft ideas

Book and craft


  • GRUFFALO STORY PROPS made from recyclables. These are not only cute, they also make a fabulous addition to story telling – like puppets – Teach me Mommy
  • Frederick is the cutest mouse around, and this ROCK CRAFT IDEA allows children to paint or draw onto an interesting medium and they can put their creations back into the garden! Sunny Day Family
  • Charlottes Web inspired ABOUT ME SPIDER CRAFT is such a clever way to bring creativity into a discussion about identity or positive self esteem attributes!
  • SMALL WORLD CRAFT & PLAY based on Where the Wild Things are. Homemade toys are fun to make and somehow seem to capture the imagination beyond any store bought alternatives!
  • What happens when you swallow a watermelon seed is the insertion for this WATERMELON COLLAGE. Sticking on the seeds is the best part!!
  • Each Orange had 8 slices Activity Sheet Printables. This book is that it is fun to read and also encourages thinking, problem solving and discussion with your kids!

Read it make it

Read it then make it! Book plus craft week

  • Katy No Pocket is the inspiration for this Kangaroo Flower Pot Holder Craft – really cute!!
  • This sweet little lady has a house with six rooms. The book begins with all rooms being empty. They slowly fill up with interesting characters, and as each person fills an empty room a fraction is shown to represent the number of rooms filled – make your own Full House!
  • Little Hands make the perfect Roses! Make this adorable Little Rose Handprint Craft – a simple and sweet idea – perfect for Mother’s Day!
  • Goodnight Moon is a wonderful little story – and these night lights are absolutely beautiful! Children love making their own nightlight – and taking them to bed right after their bed time story!
  • Make your Own brightly colored fish – The beauty of the book, Fish Eyes, is that it introduces several concepts without children even knowing it! This is the perfect make along craft!

Book Week - Read it make It

Read It Make It Book Week Craft Ideas

Looking for more ideas that put a book and a craft together… Here you go…

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Read it then Make it! More than 50+ Book and Story inspired craft ideas for kids!

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  1. Shelah

    Reading books with the kids is one of my greatest pleasures in life. All of these book crafts make reading books, even more, fun and enriching. Thanks for compiling such a wonderful and creative assortment of book inspired crafts.


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