66 Homemade Paint Recipes for Children’s Art and Craft

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Here are 66 Homemade Paint Recipes for Children’s Art and Craft!

You name it – it’s here! Paint for Paper – Bath – Walls – Windows – Hands and Feet.

There is body paint and finger paint – Glitter paint and Glue Paint – Bubble Paint – Gel Paint – Watercolors – Taste Safe Baby Paint – Fizzy Paint – Exploding Paint – Puffy Paint – Glowing Paint… and more!!!

66 Homemade Paint Recipes


Why make your own paint?

  1. It is fun and experimental…
  2. Older children love making the paint as much as they do painting with it!
  3. It very often works out a far side cheaper than store bought alternatives.
  4. You know what’s in it – and what’s not!
  5. And you just can’t buy¬†mud paint anywhere!! ūüôā

Here are all the paint recipes that you need for kids art projects

Basic Paint Recipes

  1. Homemade Flour Paint  // Happy Money Saver
  2. DiY Easy Liquid Watercolor Paint // Emma Owl
  3. Gel Paint // Emma Owl
  4. Washable Liquid Watercolor Paint // Growing A Jeweled Rose
  5. Easy Homemade Salt Paints // Kidz Activities
  6. Homemade Watercolors РDry Cakes  // Happy Hooligans
  7. Milk Paint  // Off the Shelf
  8. Powdered Paint // P is for Preschooler
  9. Homemade Finger Paint // Teach me Mommy
  10. Homemade Tempera Paint // Kids Activities Blog
  11. Corn Syrup & Watercolor Paint // Teaching 2 and 3  Year Olds

Looking for paint that goes wow - these recipes are based on science and are sure to impress!


  1. Erupting Baking Soda Paint  // Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine
  2. No Glue Puffy Paint // Emma Owl
  3. Erupting Kool Aid Paint  // Bath Activities for Kids
  4. Magic Scented Foaming Paint // Twodaloo
  5. Magic Olaf Paint // A Little Pinch of Perfect


If you need to carry on painting through bath time here are wonderful bath paint recipes for you to try!

Bath Paint – for when you have to carry on painting into bath time!

  1. Easy Bath Paint // Emma Owl
  2. Bath Paint for Sensitive Skin // Emma Owl
  3. Real Paint Bath Paint // Play Dough & Popsicles
  4. Glow in the Dark Paint // Growing a Jeweled Rose
  5. 2 Ingredient Foam Paint // Laughing Kids Learn
  6. Edible Bath Paint // Stay at Home Educator
  7. Bath Tub Soap Paint // Rustic Essentials Crafting Library
  8. Scented Bath Paint // Emma Owl

Baby and Taste Safe Recipes - for playing - painting and eating. All Edible - some tasty

Edible Paint Recipes for Babies and Everyone!!

  1. Basic Baby Edible Paint  // Emma Owl
  2. Milk Toast Paint // Messy Little Monster
  3. Edible Baby Paint // Hands On As We Grow
  4. Natural Dye No Cook Finger Paint // Fun at Home with Kids
  5. Rice Cereal Paint // Munchkins and Moms
  6. Homemade Finger Paint // Something 2 Offer
  7. Painting with Blueberry Paint // Artsy Momma
  8. Scented Yoghurt Paint // Fun at Home with Kids

DiY Sensory Paint Recipes for sensory play and painting. Taste - Touch - Smell - See - it is all here!

Sensory Paint and the mmmmm smells nice Paint!

  1. Scratch & Sniff Jello Painting  // Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
  2. Paintsicles // Ice Paints from Emma Owl
  3. Snow Puffy Paint  // Kidz Activities
  4. Spice Paints Р// Raising life Long Learners
  5. Mud Paint // Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine
  6. Frozen Smoothie Paint  // Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine
  7. Spicy Scented Sensory // from One Time Through
  8. Ice Paint // My Bored Toddler
  9. Rainbow Puffy Paint // One Little Project

Skin friendly - and washable, these face and body paint recipes are fun fun fun

Paint all over me Paint!

  1. Make your Own Body Paint from P is for Preschooler
  2. Homemade Body Paint // Kiwi Crate
  3. 3 Ingredient Body Paint // Pink Stripey Socks
  4. Non Toxic Face Paint // Green Kids Crafts

These paints can be used outside on sidewalks, windows, driveways, doors and grass! Great summer time craft recipes

Out Door – Outside and Summer Paints!

  1. Sidewalk Paint // Emma Owl
  2. Glitter Sidewalk Paint // Emma Owl
  3. Window Paint // Hands On As We Grow
  4. Sidewalk Chalk Paint // A Little Pinch of Perfect
  5. Fizzy Sidewalk Painting by Life with Moore Babies
  6. Window Paint // Coffee Cups and Crayons
  7. Chalk Paint // Artsy Momma
  8. Easy Wash Window Paint // The Imagination Tree
  9. Sidewalk Gel Paints // Craftiments
  10. Spray Paint // Emma Owl

These are super fun paint recipes - glitter - snow - confetti - bubble - glue - and more. If you are looking for some fun painting action - then this is the list for you!


  1. M&M Paint // Teach Preschool
  2. Sand Paint // Emma Owl
  3. Confetti Paint Р// Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine
  4. 3 Ingredient Foam Paint // Dabbles & Babbles
  5. Squirty Snow Paint // One Little Project
  6. Pastel & Egg Paint // Small Things
  7. Kool Aid Paint // Sow Sprout Play
  8. Bubble Paint //  Emma Owl
  9. Glitter Paint // Simple Fun For Kids
  10. Glue Paint // Tinkerlab
  11. Bright Corn Syrup Paints // Eighteen 25

66 Incredible Homemade Paint recipes for any day - bath - sensory - fun - edible - outside - window - science - body and face. It is all here for a total painting experience

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