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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Emma Owl!

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I am Julie, ‘Masters & Phd in patience, Tantrum & Melt down Negotiator, Tooth brushing Instructor, Manners Expert, Toy repair Specialist, Play-date social Secretary – Coordinator of Chaos.’

With a corporate background I became full time Mommy to two Children, and loved every minute of it!

As my children are getting a little older (I wish I could keep them little forever!!!!) I have started my next adventure – a Children’s Concept Store called Spotty Tree in the area I live! 

We are very lucky here at Emma Owl to have our own teacher!

‘Our Teacher’  Elizabeth is an experienced pre-primary and primary school teacher. With over 45 years experience in the field of education, she always has great tips, advice and suggestions for us!

(she does all the serious stuff while we play)

She also happens to be our Mom and Granny!!

My Two Little product testers, Artists and Craft Masters are always up for a challenge, a paint or a general play!



Please contact me with ideas, suggestions, feedback, anything really… We love to connect!

We would love to hear from you!

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