DIY Cork Marker for Herbs and Veggies

Basil Herb Marker. Perfect for Herb and Veggie Gifts


I love my little cork markers – and not because I don’t know what Basil looks like – but because they look soooooo cute!!

These cork markers are great for herbs and veggies that you are growing from a seed – and genuinely need a marker for, and they are also great to add to a gift or just make your garden and kitchen look pretty!

I love giving herbs in a pot as a birthday or hostess/host gift, and these little things really do add that special finishing touch!

In the mean time, they are making my garden herb patch look all fancy!!


Thyme Cork Marker. Quick and East to make, great addition to any herbs


What do you need to make them?

Corks, long wooden skewers and a permanent marker/sharpie…

If you want to paint them white (or any color) you will need paint… (I used acrylic)


Materials Cork Herb Market


I tried to make natural looking ones, without painting them…


Mint Herb Cork Marker. Add to any Growing Seeds


And they look nice, but not as pretty as the painted version.

I added the skewer – just pushed it into the cork – and gave them a good paint!! Once dry I wrote onto them with a marker…


Finished Cork Heb Markets


Happiness is…


Thyme Cork Herb Marker. So easy to make and a great addition to any herb potted gift


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  1. Cucicucicoo

    Very cute! You might want to coat these with clear paint, otherwise the marker may come off in the sun and rain. I made some of these a couple of years ago, but burning the words into the corks with a pyrograph. And after a few months, even the burning had faded away! I want to make some more this year, but more in this style, with paint, and then coat them with clear paint to hopefully protect them! 🙂 Lisa

  2. Kendra @

    These are super cute Emma! Thanks for sharing at Your Turn To Shine 🙂 Hope to see you again tomorrow at our party! Have a great rest of the week!


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