Kids ART: Lion painting with Footprints and Forks

Painting this Lion with Footprints and Forks was such a fun activity!

Mind you… painting with a fork is not as easy as it seems…

Footprint and Fork Lion. Great little kids craft


Materials Needed:

Paper or Card – the bigger the better

Paint – Yellow or Orange – or both

Googly eyes (optional – you could always draw these on)


Little willing Feet

Mom or Dad – to help paint and stamp the feet!

Footprint - Fork Lion

How to paint your Lion?

We did this over 2 days, so the footprints could dry overnight. This is not necessary though, it might smudge the brown into the yellow (or orange) paint a little…

First we painted and stamped our feet!



When our footprints were dry, we sat down quietly and painted the Lion’s Mane with a fork!

You need to place the whole fork into the paint – and swipe it from the footprints out…

You can only swipe once and then the paint is finished – and you need to hold the fork at a slight angle so you paint with the prongs – and not the back of the fork…


Once the paint is dry you can finish you lion off by adding eyes – nose and a few freckles!

The forks make a great Lion’s Mane!

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Fun Kids Craft Activity! Make a lion using footprints and a fork! Are you rrrrrrrr ready

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