Magic Sand for Baby – 2 Ingredients

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Following the great success of our “magic sand” we decided to give the littlest an opportunity to play with some magic of his own.

Substituting the baby oil for coconut oil meant that he could play play play, and I did not have to worry about him putting any into his mouth.

Taste Safe Magic Sand for Babies

He loved it! And he ate some…

I did have to stop him putting it into his mouth at some point, as I had visions of a mouth full of gooey magic sand and me fishing it out with a spoon!

As always parent supervision is needed xx


Edible Magic Sand Recipe:

1 cup coconut oil

8 cups of flour

Place it into a bowl and mix together! It is that easy.

I left it in the bowl and let him play with the texture through his fingers.

He felt it, squished it – ate it – dug a little – squashed a little…

Next time Ill add some scoops and cups for him to play with!

You can add this magic sand to a sand table or sensory play space for toddlers and young children! They will also love the texture!


If you have older children and would prefer not to use coconut oil – here is our Magic Sand recipe using Baby Oil.

Need to shop for coconut oil?

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  1. Christina Diment

    My baby is 7 months old. Is consuming flour and coconut oil safe at that age? If not, do you recommend another sensory play activity relevant for her age?

    1. Emma Owl

      Most babies will put things into their mouths, flour and coconut oil is absolutely taste safe. You would need to watch them and make sure that they don’t fill their mouths.
      Play Dough is also a good option – made with flour and salt it is also taste safe – and after the first salty taste they tend to shy away!

  2. Charlene Johnson-Boyd

    This is super duper! My students with Autism loves Kinectic sand, but I had one that loved to put it in her mouth. What a great alternative for her. Thanks.

    1. Emma Owl

      Hi! Thanks for getting in touch.
      I have not tried this with regular oil – but I assume you could.
      I may give it a try – and if you do I would LOVE to hear your results.
      The only consideration may be the smell. I know both the baby oil version and the coconut oil version smell so good!
      Start with less oil and then add little by little just in case it is a little more oily! Let us know how you get on!

    1. Emma Owl

      Hi Cate. I used the solid coconut oil, and yes, I melted it a little. A few seconds in the microwave – in the same bowl that I made the magic sand in – so when I added the flour it just absorbed it all. It does not turn back to solid… Let us know how you go!

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