How to make a Pinch Pot

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How to make a pinch pot - easy kids craft A Pinch Pot is one of my absolute ‘bestist’ things to do with children – especially younger ones!


They are able to create a pot, ALL BY THEMSELVES!! A 3 year old is able to do this – with instruction of course, but at no point do you have to ‘just do something.’

You can make a pinch pot out of a few things – Salt Dough – here is the recipe, clay, or air dry clay – this is the one we always use…

3 dimensional art – like this idea working with salt dough or clay gives children the opportunity to look at art as more than a flat picture which they are so often exposed to. Looking at all sides of an object encourages creativity and children get to explore the medium with their hands, not just the end of a paint brush!

Pinch pots make the best gifts! Handmade and precious!!

So let’s get started!!

A good size pinch pot is made from a ball of clay / dough about the size of a tennis ball. How to make a pinch pot

  1. Roll your clay into a ball
  2. Stick your finger into the middle of the ball – as pictured above. This is the part where children love to hold up their super big thumbs in the air!
  3. With your thumb and forefinger pinch around the sides until the hole in the middle gets bigger and the pot sides get thinner. Do this with a few pinches rather than one big squash!

learning how to make a pinch pot When your pot looks more like a pot and less like a ball, use your fingers to push the bottom flatter and mould into the shape you want!

There you have it – the perfect pot! making pinch pots copy

Once your pot is made, you have a few options to decorate it…

You can add beads and any other decorations you would like to push into the clay.

If you would like to paint it, wait for it to dry and then paint with acrylic paints – use a sealer to finish it off and protect it!

We decorated this clay pot with impressions – using pasta… and left it otherwise natural…


You can now use your pinch pot – or give it away as a gift!

We have used ours as a vase and a tiny holder to keep jewelry and hair clips in!

Decorating a pinch pot

Pin this idea for later:
How to make a Pinch Pot. This is a fantastic art idea for kids, a craft project that makes a great gift!

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  1. Dee Dee

    I am a very new preschool art teacher. I have groups of 4 and 5-yr-olds who come to me once per week for 40 minutes. Group size is between 7 and 11. Is this project something that can be done in stages, starting one week and finish the next week? If not, can it be done in 40 minutes?

    1. Emma Owl

      Hi! Yes, in fact it is even better to do this in stages. You could make the pinch pot one week and then the following week it would be dry enough to paint!! I would love to see the photos when you are done!


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