Make your own Caterpillar – using jar lids!

Make your own Caterpillar!


caterpillar craft made using baby food jars


This is a great caterpillar idea!

He moves and bends and he is made from all those baby food and jam jar lids!



Make your Own caterpillar with baby food jar lids


I made some holes in the lids with a hammer and nail.

Joined them together with string. I used a bigger lid for his head.



caterpillar made using baby food jar lids


And then we were ready to paint!

The girls loved it!

Make your Own Caterpillar using baby food jar lids



They all chose different colors to paint their caterpillars!

We waited for them to dry overnight and then added eyes and feelers!


Caterpillar craft for children using baby food jars



What a cute little guy!


Caterpillar craft - recycle baby food jars



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