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Make your own Caterpillar – using jar lids!


Bees Bugs and Butterflies-01

Welcome to Bees Bugs and Butterfly week!


This is a great caterpillar idea!

He moves and bends and he is made from all those baby food and jam jar lids!


Bottle Top Caterpillars-01


I made some holes in the lids with a hammer and nail.


Bottle Top Caterpillars-02


Joined them together with string. I used a bigger lid for his head.

And then we were ready to paint!


Bottle Top Caterpillars-05


The girls loved it!


Bottle Top Caterpillars-04


They all chose different colors to paint their caterpillars!


Bottle Top Caterpillars-03


We waited for them to dry overnight and then added eyes and feelers!





What a cute little guy!




  1. What a cute little caterpillar… we love this!

    We’ll definitely try this with our little crafty kids!

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