PAINT-A-THON 2015 – 150+ Painting Ideas for Kids

101 Painting Ideas for Children. If there is paint involved it is here!

101+ Painting Ideas for Kids

Welcome to our 2015 PAINT-A-THON 

35 Fantastic Bloggers joined our 2015 PAINT-A-THON and together we put together more than 101 Painting Ideas for Kids! 


Here are all our ideas!!

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W is for Wheels Sensory Play by Growing Hands on Kids

Bikes, scooters, roller blades, roller skates, Swivel cars and more!  Nothing says the weather is perfect for going outside like WHEELS – and painting with them!!


Acorn Painting by Play and Learn Every Day

This is such a sweet fall painting idea – perfect following a nature walk to collect treasures!

acorn painting

Fresh Fruit Paint by Play Dough and Popsicles

A great idea to make your own natural paints from fruit and veggies!

make your own fresh fruit paint

Painting with Household Items from Moms and Crafters

Brilliant easy to set up toddler painting activity!


Shoe Print Craft from Fun Hand Print Art Blog

This is awesome – and such a clever back to school Painting Idea!


Paint with Food Stamps by Child Led Life

Using food as stamps creates very interesting little designs! 


Painting on Mirrors by One Time Through

Paint with reflections on your ‘paper,’ Great process art activity!



Beautiful Sponge and Leaf Tree Painting by Welcome to Mommyhood

BEAUTIFUL Fall Painting idea! Love this!


Single color Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting by Rhythms of Play

Such good reasons to work with one color only, read about it! – interesting painting project! 


Easy Superhero T-Shirt Painting from Teach Me Mommy

Fantastic Kids Painting Activity – with a step by step photo guide! The superhero in  your life is going to love this one!!


Painting with Paint Dough from Life with Moore Babies

This is a wonderful paint medium – easy and cheap to make – and produces the coolest paintings!

Paint Dough - Fun way for Kids to Paint


Symmetry Painting by JDaniel4s Mom

 A very cool painting idea that allows children to explore symmetry and looking at things from a different perspective!


Beautiful Fall Painted Tree by Munchkins and Moms

This easy yet stunning painting technique is a must do for your Autumn/Fall Tree crafts this year!


Painting clouds sensory activity for children by Study at Home Mama

This clever children’s activity combines new materials – and adds something extra special!


Spicy Scented Sensory Paint from One Time Through

mmmMMMM all the smells of Fall!! Beautiful sensory painting experience!



Painting the Fruit of the Spirit from For the Love of Dixie

Inspired by a Bible verse, this beautiful painting includes a free printable template to help you get started!


Spray Painting Graffiti by Emma Owl

Fantastic Free Process Art Activity! The kids LOVED this!

Spray Painting Graffiti. Fantastic summer Activity - What Fun!


How to make Outdoor Painting fun with Kids from Peakle Pie.

Painting outdoors allows for a certain creative freedom… This looks like so much fun!


How to use Sponge Pouncers – Easy DiY Wall Art Idea by Artsy Craftsy Mom

WOW! Look at this fantastic painting technique – simplified step by step instructions! 


Q-Tip Texture Art for Kids at Crafty Kids as Home.

Painting doesn’t have to mean painting with brushes – or painting on paper for that matter!! Fun!!!


Nature Painting Texture Collage for Kids by A Little Pinch of Perfect.

A beautiful nature inspired painting idea! What’s better than making art with all your nature walk finds?!

Nature Painting Collage 3 copy

Partner Painting at The Inspired Treehouse

Want to make a friend and a masterpiece?  Cooperative art activities for kids are perfect for getting little ones to work together!!


Matisse Goldfish – Exploring Masterpieces, Shapes and Colors by Playground Parkbench

Finding the basic shapes and colors within complex works of art can simplify them for reproduction by even the youngest of artists…



Guttering Painting by Adventures of Adam

Now THIS looks like fun! What a great idea for a painting activity. I know someone who is going to love this!


Free Painting with Toddlers from Hen Family

Art is much more about the process than the end result! We Agree! We Agree!! This looks like FUN FUN FUN!

The boy and the girl draw

Spin Art Painting from Learning and Exploring through Play

WOW! This painting technique looks like fun fun fun!!




Ice Painting from My Bored Toddler

A fantastic painting and sensory activity in one!


Invitation to paint with Nature from Welcome to Mommyhood

Add some nature exploration to a painting project – combining botany and arts and crafts!!!!


22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids by Emma Owl

Who knew that forks could be so interesting!! – And Cute!!

22 Fork Painting Ideas for Kids. Great Painting Technique - and lots of fun for kids of all ages!

Leaf Painting by Kidz Activities

It is always a great idea to explore the outdoors, gather up things found in nature and use them for art! These are beautiful!


BIG ART for Preschoolers by P is for Preschooler

What is BIG art you say? It’s that kind of art that uses the jumbo-sized paper, where you have to use your whole body to reach the whole thing it. Stretching, moving around, reaching to the other side. It’s a more active kind of painting… 


Tape Resist Sponge Painting by Crafty Kids at Home

A great Kids activity combining both stamping – printing – and tape resist painting techniques – which always makes such beautiful art!



DiY Bath Paint by Play Dough and Popsicles

This NEW bath paint recipe is FANTASTIC! Completely washable and made using REAL paint!


The Magic of Salt Painting by Artsy Momma

Watching the colors spread is mesmerizing! Try this Magic Art Technique! With free butterfly and dragonfly template printables!


Muddy Animal Painting by Munchkins and Moms

Make sure you get those little paws dirty! A fun process art activity your children will love!


Shake it Up! No Mess Painting for Kids by Sunny Day Family

This is a fantastic painting – and moving – and listening – painting activity! And the best part – there is no mess to clean up! 

shake it up painting activity

Painting Pine Cone Flowers by Emma Owl

What a fantastic – and beautiful painting activity. So easy to set up and the results are lovely!

Beautiful Painted Pine Cone Flowers

Build a Painting by Rhythms of Play

Build a painting? That’s right – build your blocks and then paint! Great idea!



Butterfly Painting Craft for Toddlers by Super Mommy Club

This beautiful butterfly painting craft is so much fun and simple enough for the youngest of toddlers. 


Homemade microwave Puffy Paint by Messy Little Monster

The ‘magic’ takes place when this recipe is placed into a microwave and puffs up in seconds to create beautiful 3D art work, easy recipe and great fun!

puffy paint recipe

Pointillism with Acrylics by Something 2 Offer

Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image, beautiful to teach children to do – and it really does make the most pretty flowers…


Painting with Wheels Gone BIGGER by Hands on: as we grow

LARGE format art is a great Kids activity as they physically need to be involved in the art – it gets them moving! This sidewalk wheels painting looks like BIG fun!


Snow Puffy Paint by Kidz Activities

Do you want to build a snowman? This is so much more than a painting activity! Kids will love this sensory experience – and you only need 2 ingredients!


Painting with Magnets by Emma Owl

This rolling art activity produced unexpected results – and there was absolute silence in the room as the concentration levels were high!!

Kids Moving Art. Painting with Magnets.

Bubble Wrap Roller Painting by My Bored Toddler

This rolling – painting activity looks like fun, I wonder if it goes pop pop pop as you paint?


Exploration Painting by Off the Shelf

“By changing where you place the canvas, the size of the canvas, or the shape of the canvas, painting becomes a brand new adventure and engages young brains and imaginations in a completely different way. “

Under the table painting… just like Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!


Co-operative Shapes and Colors Painting from Mosswood Connections

This fantastic idea allows Children to work together – passing the paintbrush around – and creating something beautiful in the process!


Spinning Top Painting from In the Playroom.

Wow this looks like fun – painting while playing – does not get much better than this!


Milk Caps & Lids Squish Painting from A little Pinch of Perfect.

As the paint is squished the caps create cool patterns in the paint!”

Milk Cap Painting A Little Pinch of Perfect 3 copy

OILS and WATERCOLOR Painting by Emma Owl.

This painting technique inspired by science creates amazing results!

Oil and Watercolor Painting, science and art in one. Great kids activity.


Here are More painting ideas and techniques that are sure to inspire any budding artist!!


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101 Painting Ideas for Kids